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General Terms and Conditions for Coaching and Counseling

These general terms and conditions apply to my collaborations with coachees and any other external clients. If you decide to work with me, I will assume that you have read and agree to this document. The last published version or the version that was here when we entered into the partnership is valid. The most updated version of these terms and conditions is always freely available on this website. 


For correspondence I can be reached at coaching@lynndiepenbroek.nl. 


Last revision: July 1, 2022 




These General Terms and Conditions and the Privacy Statement (also available on this website) apply to services provided by myself, Lynn Diepenbroek (Freelance), working under the trade names Lynn Diepenbroek Coaching en Counseling and Woven Journeys Coaching en Counseling, established at Haverweerd 72, 3762 BK Soest, reachable at coaching@lynndiepenbroek.nl, Dutch Chamber of Commerce registration number 85 61 41 30. 


By “client” I mean the natural or legal person who enters into a coaching agreement or any other agreement with me, or requests a quote for it. 


By "agreement" I mean the agreement concluded between the client and myself, regarding the assignment for advice/counseling, coaching and other interventions in the broadest sense of the word, or the performance of workshops, discussion groups, training and other forms of education, or editing and/or translating supplied texts, or panel discussions and guided discussions, lectures and other forms of public performance in the broadest sense of the word. 


These terms and conditions apply to all offers made by me, to all mutually agreed to agreements and to the communication that takes place during the execution of the agreement. Deviations from these terms and conditions are only binding if and insofar as they have been confirmed by me in writing. 




Booking a coaching conversation or otherwise entering into an agreement is possible via coaching@lynndiepenbroek.nl. I confirm an agreement in writing or by e-mail. 




The client may expect that I exercise my expertise in good faith, in accordance with the requirements of good workmanship. The client may expect me to devote appropriate attention and time to the agreement; that I keep to agreements made; that I am on time for appointments (both in person, by telephone and digitally). 


If, at any point during the agreement, I judge that I cannot perform an agreement within my framework of knowledge and skills, I will ensure an appropriate referral. I will not accept or continue assignments if an independent and objective judgment is endangered by a personal relationship with the client. 


I observe confidentiality, which means that I do not share confidential information provided by the client with third parties. This confidentiality will continue to exist even after the agreement has been concluded. I ensure that there is a clear consensus between all parties involved regarding the assignments to be performed. I reserve the right to discuss anonymized situation sketches during peer consultation, peer review and supervision, with the aim of continuous development and improvement of my services. I also reserve the right to use anonymized situation sketches from different contexts as examples in public statements. My statements can never be traced back to the original situation. 


I will make every effort to achieve the result established within the agreement, without guaranteeing this result as such. My fee is determined on the basis of the labor and costs spent on the agreement. I do not work on the basis of any compensation, the size of which depends on the result of the work performed by me, unless explicitly agreed in writing. 




The client provides data, information and cooperation that are necessary or useful for me to be able to properly perform the agreement. A specification of how I handle that data can be found in my privacy statement. 


Specifically with regard to coaching, I expect the client(s) to take an active stance in our sessions and show commitment to their own process. This means that assigned homework assignments are completed. I expect an honest attitude, by which I mean that the client openly shares what is going on for them; that the person does not withhold information from me or maintain a double agenda; that they are honest. I expect the client to keep to the agreements made (financial, practical, etc.) and to arrive on time for a session (both in person, by telephone and digitally). 


In case I deliver work on location, any practical necessities such as teaching materials, etc., must be realized in accordance with specifications provided by me in advance. 


If the items as described above are insufficiently realized, this can be regarded as a form of force majeure. 




From the moment that the assignment has been mutually confirmed in writing and the date and time have been agreed by both parties, this agreement is binding. Invoicing takes place at the end of each month. The invoice must be paid within fourteen days after I sent the invoice. 


Canceling or moving already planned coaching sessions can be done free of charge up to 48 hours before the start of the scheduled session. A session can only be rescheduled once, after that the right to rescheduling expires. If changed less than 48 hours prior to the session, the session will expire, without the right to a refund or to reschedule the session. This session will then be invoiced in full. 


When terminating or otherwise not participating in a coaching or training program, the client is not entitled to a reduction of the agreed price or to any form of refund. 


I reserve the right to exclude a participant in a training, discussion group, workshop or other offer on my part from (further) participation if I believe that the circumstances justify this decision. Circumstances may include, but are not limited to: inappropriate motivation or learning objectives in accordance with the design of the service provided; excessive personal problems; lack of motivation on the part of the participant; break with generally accepted behavioral conventions; discriminatory behavior without active reflection when addressed. 


A request to change the nature and/or scope of the agreement will be taken into consideration by me, but I am in no way obliged to consent. 




I reserve the right to cancel, change, move (time and location) or suspend assignments in the event of force majeure until the circumstances resulting in the force majeure no longer exist. I will adopt a benevolent attitude and ensure clear written communication. If the force majeure is of a permanent nature, the amount for which no work has been performed will be refunded. No refund of payment is possible for work performed before the force majeure occurred. 


Cases which may constitute a force majeure are, but are not limited to, situations in which I am unavailable due to unforeseen circumstances (including illness, death of relatives, etc.), or situations in which I provide services externally and the pre-agreed conditions are not met on site (learning materials available, integrity of participants in order, etc.). 




My current rates for coaching and counseling are publicly available on www.wovenjourneys.nl under practical matters. Costs for other forms of agreement are available on request. 


Payment for coaching takes place within fourteen days after the invoice has been sent. 


If the time between the making of agreements and the performance of my work is more than 3 months, I reserve the right to change the rates and costs, even if these have been confirmed in writing, as a result of market developments, force majeure or unforeseen circumstances, including increases in social and government charges. 


In accordance with the applicable privacy legislation, I state minimal information about the service provided on the invoice. If further specification is desirable for the client, I will adopt a sympathetic attitude about this, but written permission from the client is required. 


The client is responsible for all costs associated with the collection of what the client owes me. The extrajudicial costs (including a reasonable compensation for the time to be spent by me on the collection) are set at 15% of the principal amount owed, with a minimum of € 500. 





I am not liable for any shortcoming in the fulfillment of my obligations arising from the agreement, unless the client demonstrates that the shortcoming is due to intent or gross negligence on my part. I am not liable for direct and/or indirect consequential damage. Participation in an agreement is at the client's own risk. 


If, with due observance of the law, in the agreement and in these general terms and conditions, I should be liable to the client, that liability is limited to twice the invoice value of that part of the order on which the liability relates. 


In the event of cancellation on the basis of this article, I am never obliged to pay compensation for any damage resulting from this. If I am involved in a legal procedure or other dispute settlement, I will not be liable for all associated and resulting costs, unless otherwise decided by the court. 




While I perform my work with utmost care, I am still human and it could happen that during my work I do or say something that doesn't feel right for you. If it is in any way possible for you to do so, I would like to hear about this directly from you. In this way I can take you feedback into consideration and take appropriate steps. You can share your feedback or complaint with me during our session, or by writing me an e-mail at coaching@lynndiepenbroek.nl. I will try to get back to you within 7 days. 


In order to guarantee the safety and transparency of my work, I am currently working on an appropriate and comprehensive complaints procedure that applies to all my services. I will publish this on my website as soon as possible. 

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